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2009-09-05 05:02 pm
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Seahorse bugs, part one (or: Google is my documentation)

Began writing this: @ 16:08 local time. First posted: @17:02 as a personal draft. Saved again @ 17:25 with link to the RSA weaknesses and clarifying deprecated OpenPGP key types. Saved again @ 17:30 on the dot. Again @ 17:32 for precision on user-facing language and the naming of the gpgme. Again @ 17:50 to try and finish it up. Several intermittent edits between then and 18:12. And... Unlocked!

Since I got interested in starting to use OpenPGP for my email, I thought the fact that the Gnome desktop comes with a graphical application for generating a new key with GnuPG was wicked awesome. Unfortunately, when I started to switch between the GUI frontend and the command-line interface to see how things worked, I noticed a couple inconsistencies. This is one of them.

Lengthy research, code-staring, and fixing batch-generated RSA key usage flags behind cut )