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dreamhackiness: crossposting fail [solved]

 Having trouble crossposting from Dreamwidth to Dreamhack: 

Error connecting to service:

Maybe it works in reverse? *tests* Hm... it connects okay if I just choose "Dreamwidth" from the drop-down box, but filling in "" "" or even "" in the URL box with "Other Site" selected in the drop-down fails to connect. Hey, maybe I have to put http:// in front of it... *tests* No, that just gives a truly bizarre recursive error page:

[Error: mismatched tag at line 54, column 2, byte 2057 at /usr/lib/perl5/XML/ line 187

And below that, it includes... the Dreamwidth front page? Except I'm not logged in. And below *that* bit of website-inside-a-website the error message continues:

at /dreamhack/home/9999-nobled/dw/cgi-bin/DW/External/XPostProtocol/ line 267 @]

Now if I go back and try that http:// nonsense on Dreamwidth, it just gives a stoic "Sorry, there was a problem." Software: It's a marvelous thing.

ETA: To go off topic: Maybe it's a Google Chrome(ium) thing, but the rich-text editing box is all messed up for me. It only fills half the area it should; the bottom half of it it just blank space.
ETA2, 7:16-19pm: Ah, okay. Googling the error message brought me from the mailing list to bugzilla to this changelog. Based on the code, by "Custom Service URL" it means something like  -- way more specific than I thought it needed. (I interpreted "service" as a synonym for "website.")