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Began writing this: @ 16:08 local time. First posted: @17:02 as a personal draft. Saved again @ 17:25 with link to the RSA weaknesses and clarifying deprecated OpenPGP key types. Saved again @ 17:30 on the dot. Again @ 17:32 for precision on user-facing language and the naming of the gpgme. Again @ 17:50 to try and finish it up. Several intermittent edits between then and 18:12. And... Unlocked!

Since I got interested in starting to use OpenPGP for my email, I thought the fact that the Gnome desktop comes with a graphical application for generating a new key with GnuPG was wicked awesome. Unfortunately, when I started to switch between the GUI frontend and the command-line interface to see how things worked, I noticed a couple inconsistencies. This is one of them.

Lengthy research, code-staring, and fixing batch-generated RSA key usage flags behind cut )
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Under /manage/logins, you can see your past login sessions, including the User-Agent string of the browser you were using at the time. However, a really long user-agent string(Hello, Google Chrome) gets cut off for some reason. Looking at the code, it calls up the string from the database table loginlog, column ua, which Googling revealed is probably limited by its type being VARCHAR(100). Which is really unfortunate, since most of the interesting version information seems to be at the end of the UA string these days. Mayhaps a switch to VARCHAR(200) is in order, to give it some breathing room.

grep'ing for where the database scheme might be set in the code(turns out, in shows a few other fields with the same size:

./bin/upgrading/    subject VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT NULL,
./bin/upgrading/    ua        VARCHAR(100)
./bin/upgrading/    class    VARCHAR(100),
./bin/upgrading/    class     VARCHAR(100),
./bin/upgrading/    class     VARCHAR(100),
./bin/upgrading/    handle VARCHAR(100) PRIMARY KEY,
./cgi-bin/LJ/AccessLogSink/                "browser VARCHAR(100),".
./cgi-bin/LJ/AccessLogSink/                "clientver VARCHAR(100),".
./cgi-bin/LJ/         browser VARCHAR(100),
./cgi-bin/LJ/         clientver VARCHAR(100)

Now I wonder how bad I can break my dreamhack if I just edit that Perl script to say VARCHAR(200) and run it...

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[Error: DBI connect('dw_nobled;host=localhost','dh_nobled',...) failed: Access denied for user 'dh_nobled'@'localhost' (using password: NO) at /dreamhack/home/8166-nobled/dw/cgi-bin/Data/ObjectDriver/Driver/ line 75 at /dreamhack/home/8166-nobled/dw/cgi-bin/ line 411 @]

Got that while posting to the dreamhack system account's journal. The post went through and everything, so not sure what's up with that.

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 Having trouble crossposting from Dreamwidth to Dreamhack: 

Error connecting to service:

Maybe it works in reverse? *tests* Hm... it connects okay if I just choose "Dreamwidth" from the drop-down box, but filling in "" "" or even "" in the URL box with "Other Site" selected in the drop-down fails to connect. Hey, maybe I have to put http:// in front of it... *tests* No, that just gives a truly bizarre recursive error page:

[Error: mismatched tag at line 54, column 2, byte 2057 at /usr/lib/perl5/XML/ line 187

And below that, it includes... the Dreamwidth front page? Except I'm not logged in. And below *that* bit of website-inside-a-website the error message continues:

at /dreamhack/home/9999-nobled/dw/cgi-bin/DW/External/XPostProtocol/ line 267 @]

Now if I go back and try that http:// nonsense on Dreamwidth, it just gives a stoic "Sorry, there was a problem." Software: It's a marvelous thing.

ETA: To go off topic: Maybe it's a Google Chrome(ium) thing, but the rich-text editing box is all messed up for me. It only fills half the area it should; the bottom half of it it just blank space.
ETA2, 7:16-19pm: Ah, okay. Googling the error message brought me from the mailing list to bugzilla to this changelog. Based on the code, by "Custom Service URL" it means something like  -- way more specific than I thought it needed. (I interpreted "service" as a synonym for "website.")


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